State-owned cultural and tourism enterprises will cooperate more with such enterprises in the future


At the beginning of March this year, investment institutions investigated OCT, a state-owned listed travel company, and asked whether they would consider deploying cultural tourism business in third- and fourth-tier cities. OCT said that it would not stick to the city's energy level, and some third- and fourth-tier cities are more competitive.

The words are still ringing in my ears. On April 29, Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Valley opened, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan and an area of ​​450,000 square meters. With the one-stop space exploration style and content innovation, May 1st opening attracted 60,000 passengers, which caused great excitement in the industry. little attention.

The situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to be unclear. In fact, not many theme parks choose to open during this period. In September last year, Beijing Huanying officially opened for trial operation, which successfully triggered a big discussion on IP and local originals on the whole network. Driven by related topics, it was completed and opened two months earlier.Huai'an West Amusement Park also gained high popularity, and immediately received more than 100,000 passengers during the first National Day holiday.


According to observations, many third- and fourth-tier cities are still betting on the future and investing in huge cultural and tourism projects during the epidemic. Reports show that many places are even rushing to start construction. Behind the prosperity, who is lifting it? In fact, apart from the handwriting of a few private enterprises, this is more the layout of state-owned cultural and tourism enterprises.Moreover, unlike previous stereotypes, these state-owned travel companies have not immersed themselves in past experience or blindly followed the trend of first- and second-tier cities. For example, the Xiangyang and Huai'an projects mentioned above are both cultural and tourism works presented by state-owned enterprises, but they show a pioneering attitude.

The fantasy story of Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town has just been staged, and Huai’an West Amusement Park started earlier. As the starting work of a local cultural tourism state-owned enterprise, how it has performed in more than 300 days since its opening, you may wish to review it with the theme park industry.

The world's first modern Journey to the West theme park

Huai'an West Amusement Park is invested and built by the West Tour Industry Group established by the Huai'an Municipal Government, covering an area of ​​560 mu, in accordance with the development requirements of specialization and differentiation, with the help of the rich entertainment elements contained in "Journey to the West", the basic clue is to learn from Tang monks and apprentices, and the theme of "Going through ninety-nine and eighty-one levels" is adopted. Performances, real-scene simulations, etc., combined with modern amusement equipment and viewing experience, present old scenes such as Huaguoshan, Gaolaozhuang, and Leiyin Temple with new technologies and multi-dimensionality, including Tang Town, Huaguoshan, Gaolaozhuang, Dongsheng Shenzhou, Beiju Luzhou, Nanzhan Buzhou, Xiniu Hezhou, and Lingshan Leiyin Temple have more than 40 themed projects. It is the first comprehensive park with the theme of Journey to the West at home and abroad.



On July 10 last year, Huai'an West Amusement Park officially opened. On July 26, the park was closed for more than 30 days due to epidemic prevention and control, and the peak summer season was lost. According to the latest announcement from the park,Before the park closed again in mid-March this year, the project has been in operation for 7 months and has received 770,000 tourists, It is remarkable to achieve such results under the epidemic.

Review 4.9 points, there is a project that is unexpectedly popular

Many places and companies have called for building a modern paradise with the theme of Journey to the West, but Huai'an was the first to realize it. This can't help but make people wonder how it is doing?


In public opinion,The overall score of the park is 4.9(out of 5.0), exactly the same as Shanghai Disneyland, Beijing Universal Studios and Happy Valley. Comments reflect that the overall packaging of the park is also in place, and there are familiar elements of Journey to the West everywhere.The most popular items include Havoc in Heaven and Three Dozens of Bone Demons.


In addition to these, the most mentioned is the float parade performance, and the general evaluation of tourists is"Impressive", "Surprise", "Good", "Great actors"Wait for words of praise. This is quite surprising. The theme park industry has always believed that this is the most cost-effective investment in the park. However, unlike foreign countries, local parks usually do not pay much attention to parade performances.

In the Westward Amusement Park project, the park has launched a new "Journey to the West to Seek Dreams and Fantasy Parade", which develops according to the story of Journey to the West as a whole, and selects the popular classic Journey to the West plots.Using the "one car, one story" display method, built 8 float squares, including 5 large floats, 2 medium floats, 2 small floats, 4 small prop cars, 1 prop device, 3 large puppet sets, and about 106 actors.


In addition to the height of the car body shape to restore many stories of Journey to the West, this float parade has also made great breakthroughs in terms of operating concepts, car body special effects, and sound and light effects. These technical efforts are the secret to creating a dream parade atmosphere, and professional support is indispensable behind it, and a professional team from Beijing single-handedly realized these.


Wu Yeshu: Parade to Create Dreams

The floats and technologies introduced above are all planned, developed, designed, produced and implemented by Beijing Taiminger Culture and Art Co., Ltd. This company is the main performing arts supplier of Huai'an West Amusement Park. and Performing Arts Supplier" Golden Crown Award. We found Wu Yeshu, the founder of the company, who graduated from Peking University with a major in digital art, and learned more about the details behind it.

Taiminger team participated in the design of stage art and opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Later, the business gradually extended to scenic spots and theme parks, and served domestic leading travel companies such as OCT, Wanda, Haichang, Sunac, and Huaqiang Fantawild. , Participated in the design and production of floats for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. At present, the company combines its own advantages and has begun to enter the metaverse, providing NFT digital collections and virtual space tour and viewing services for scenic spots and theme parks.


Talking about the floats of Journey to the West, Wu Yeshu mentioned these four aspects.

The first is the pre-operation concept.During the design stage, the main creative team assisted the park in raising funds for the parade route, road width, clearance height, viewing area, etc., to ensure the best viewing effect after landing.

Followed by product innovation.Not only did it respond to the needs of Party A, but also developed a relatively rare night float in China, and under budget, through technological innovation and technological iteration, more than 20 kinds of car body special effects, such as water spray, fire, smoke, etc., were added.

The third is to strengthen memory points.Based on the overall absorption of national style and ethnic elements, the main creative team ingeniously arranged a very catchy rhythm for the floats, hoping to connect tourists' emotional memory points through music. The result is very good, and tourists can often be heard humming in the park.

Finally, there is a breakthrough in sound synchronization technology.In the past, domestic float parades usually only had moving background music. Taiminger has innovatively developed this timeLAN synchronization technology to coordinate the two tracks of moving background music and float theme music, and is different from Disney's high-cost accompanying technology, while enhancing the atmosphere of the Westward Journey parade,The cost is greatly reduced.

Third-tier cities, state-owned enterprises are very advanced in this regard

Is it enough to just do the above? Obviously, West Amusement Park doesn't think so. In the communication with Wu Yeshu, we learned a more critical point:In addition to the high-quality product portfolio, the park believes that the rich and colorful performing arts and activity system can "finish" the park and increase repeat visits, The excellent ones can even make tourists "mainly come for them".

In the West Amusement Park project, Taminger is not only a float parade supplier,It is also the role of the general contractor of performing arts, and it has initially built a relatively complete performing arts system of Journey to the West and Guofeng.


Take performing arts content as an example:

1)Parade, in addition to the matinee, also specially customizedNight floats

2) Festival celebrations not only include New Year's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.regular festival performancesIn addition, Journey to the West Season of Monsters, Journey to the West Gods and Ghosts Culture Season, Journey to the West Gods and Gods New Year Happy Season, etc.Four Seasons Festival

3)Atmospheric Interactive Performance, the divisions arranged for the opening of the park to welcome guests, the Tang Dynasty show, the return of the Great Sage, the Dragon Palace borrowed treasures, the king asked me to patrol the mountains, the little ginseng fruit, and the drunken journey to the West.


In addition to the continuous follow-up investigation after the performance, The on-site choreographer and director team constantly discover the points that attract tourists, record the performance situation, and compile the performance supervision quality table every day, including the degree of tourists' preference for each program. A little bit of evolution and upgrade.


Usually, it takes a long time for a new park to independently build and complete the performing arts system. For example, OCT only explored and formed its own performing arts system after opening 2 to 3 Happy Valleys. It has to be said that as a local state-owned enterprise,To be able to build a performing arts system from the very beginning, the West Amusement Park is indeed very advanced in this regard.

Domestic theme parks have made significant progress in terms of product strength. The reason,Today, the complexity of theme parks is no longer something that any supplier can complete independently., From design, equipment, construction to operation, the division of labor in the industry is becoming more and more detailed. This is due to the fact that a large number of domestic project demands have trained a large number of professional teams in the past few years. Taking Taiminger as an example, starting from the earliest production and production of float equipment, it has served no less than 500 professional customers in China for more than 10 years, and has accumulated rich experience in performance planning, float production, service design and program creation. This makes it no longer a simple float equipment supplier,It has also begun to be able to provide one-stop performing arts comprehensive solutions for themed scenic spots from design, production to landing operation.

There are more and more similar domestic professional companies, especially in many third-tier cities in the past two years, the forces represented by urban investment and tourism investment have begun to intervene in this industry, and there are more available starting points.Not only can a lot of detours be avoided, but also time and economic costs can be reduced to a certain extent, and there is an opportunity to do better.